take me out to the ....wedding!

Anyone who knows me likely knows I don't care much for sports. Now I know this is near blasphemy for a native Chicagoan to say this in a city so obsessed with ALL of the sportsball... and the current state of Wrigleyville this week alone. And to be clear, I can play sports, enjoy occasionally watching sports but by no means would I identify myself as a sports fan. I am, however, a big fan of teams and especially teams of awesome family!  I've come to know the Kresl family over the past 2+ years in documenting their great celebrations & have seen with both my lens and my own eyes how committed this team is to their unity as a family.  Their sense of humor, dedication to standing by one another and courage through it all is an inspiration to anyone whom may know their story.

Often life has a curve ball to throw at us that can upset the whole game. I know full well how that can feel and when I learned of the loss of their father at Ellen's wedding last summer I was determined to pay even closer attention to this team's story, how they played and what held them together. And then, when sister Alison reached out to Rose Photo to capture her big day in October of '16, all I could think about was continuing to give the best play by play of another love story being overseen by angels. So with Alison + Mike's celebration, we paused for a rain delay, quick stitched a wedding dress, and chased it all down with a little sip of Fireball. Needless to say,  all the while this team stuck together. When meltdowns could have happened, they did not. When the sky opened up, we just opened our umbrellas! Rain rolled off our backs with Alison's witty sense of humor and was echoed by her sisters' cheeky speeches + 'award giving' toasts. Mike's steadfast attitude was mirrored in a testament from his best man as to the quality of this team mate who is notably, always there in a pinch hit situation!

I may not know who's on first or even what game is on tonight but I do know this: Family is the best team you can ever have. They are an extension of each of us, whether we like it or not. The good news with that is they are also there through the rain delays and the grand slams.  To echo Mike's sweet wedding day note, welcome to the team Alison + Mike! You've been laying the ground work for your marriage for years and it was an honor to see all your biggest fans unite + officially welcome you to Team Arocha. 


Rose + Co