you can find us downtown Chicago, making portraits!

Making portraits is my day job, night job and dream job. When our favorite wedding magazine reached out to the Rose Photo team with request for wedding portraits for a beautiful couple in an equally beautiful location, we were absolutely flattered. It's safe say that capturing the portrait portion of big day photos is in our wheel house. In this case, we where charged with the task of recreating a moment in time with our signature style of lovely light and patient portraiture.  Thrilled with the task at hand, we brought our dream team of lighting assistants,  a top notch hair stylist, a world traveled make up artist and and a couple of detail oriented image makers to create photo magic with the stunning vignettes of Chicago's own London House as our back drop!

To make a perfect portrait,  it goes without saying that good light is key. However, I'm a true believer in connecting with my subjects prior to creating their portrait. Certainly with day of wedding coverage, we always meet our clients nearly a year or more in advance &  build our relationships from the start by planning for a great engagement shoot. In this case, we met our newlyweds after they'd officially tied the knot to make good connection, draft a specific shot list and establish a good overall trust before we even began our day 'on set'. Making this connection allows us to create authentic and genuine portraits; it's comfortable for those being photographed and the photographer alike. After all, my job as a storyteller with imagery is to share photos that are honest, real and reflective of that moment in time, portrait work or otherwise. 

To our lovely subjects at the London House, thank you for a stunning set. We are so excited to be back in that gorgeous wedding venue again later this fall for more occasions to capture wedding day portraits.


Rose + Co