FALLing in love with that good light!

Skipping the "sportsball" and all of the typical, super-sappy stuff I tend to write in this little thing called a blog, I thought to change it up today and chat a bit about that good light & good connection. Contrary to what many of our couples worry about, when we don't have a perfectly sunny day for our scheduled e-shoot, pro photographers revel in the soft light that comes with a super overcast (or even sunless) midday sky.  It makes for little-to-no extra shadows, soft lines and allows us as creators of imagery to navigate our 'scene' a bit more freely than if there where a more contrast-y, bright + sunny daylight. During the Rose Photo Custom Engagement shoot, we spend a a lot of time figuring out a fun photo path that speaks to our couple's story,  makes for a fab backdrop AND has awesome light...or at least the option to set it up if it isn't already there!

For Sara + Milos' set, we started at Sparrow Chicago, perfectly perched in the Gold Coast not far from where Milos grew up. This vintage styled bar was just screaming for a black & white photo or two paired with a good Old Fashioned (or two)!  I'm always a fan of some liquid inspiration, so a good libation prior to stepping out into the good light is a sweet idea for a few lighthearted giggles to over shadow anyone whom may be a bit a camera shy. Though this stunning couple has no reason to hide with their great style, humor and dedication. And it's no surprise that these two gravitated to one another as their personalities are perfect complements to the other; Sara's affability and Milos' candidness. Sara is pursuing a career in social work as she embarks on her master's degree this January, and Milos often spends his free time coaching young kids on the ice. The two of them together are a delightful combination of good connection + comedic camaraderie.  So with that afternoon's soft light + great connection, we had a great time capturing this set.

Sara + Milos, we'll see you next year at the University Club!


Rose + Co