Gorgeous Indian Wedding in Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

When our very favorite wedding planner called on our team to meet another of his stunning brides, we where beyond thrilled to hear the news that his team was planning an Indian Wedding in Mexico for spring of 2019. Then, when we met this amazing couple behind this international and multi-cultural adventure, we fell in love even more with our next project. The Rose Photo mission is to genuinely connect with our client’s love story so we can journey with them, even if out of country, on destination wedding. We love to tell story as bold and colorful as the world we live in. When offered the opportunity to travel out of the United States to vibrant Mexico , our answer was a big ol’ YES PLEASE !

Before grabbing our passports and catching our flights out of Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport, we began with our wedding photo coverage at Theater on the Lake with our couple as their friends and family gathered for an amazing Sangeet- the perfect pre game to any celebration, focused on dancing until you cannot dance anymore! The night’s program, complete with Bollywood infused dance numbers performed by cousins, aunties and uncles, parents and siblings of the couple where spectacular. Their super high energy and well choreographed dance moves set the tempo for the next round of events to come as we traveled to the destination wedding venue in May! Sure to be inspired by the cultural traditions this wedding celebration was built around and the beautiful wedding venue our couple decided on, the combo of the traditional Indian wedding events on the Riveria Maya promised to be packed with amazing photo ops!!

To say that the location chosen for the most epic wedding we’v seen yet was stunning is vast understatement. The site lines and architecture in and around the property at Nizuc are perfection. Then add our beautiful couple dressed to the nines, not once but on 4 different occasions for what can only be described as a dream come true for our RP Photo Crew ! To have so many options for incredible back drops AND costume changes is the stuff we build our pro photo, vision boards on. And as child of a fashion designer, I personally tend to go a little overboard on textures, colors and patterns of fabrics. Thankfully, our gorgeous bride also has amazing taste in fashion so her incredibly detailed lenghas where breathtaking. The black and red style she wore to the welcome reception at Nizuc’s beautiful La Punta was designed by Mani Jassal . Her wedding day lengha was perfectly stitched and detailed by Sabyasachi and our bride’s final look for her black tie reception was created by Shyamal & Bhumika. Whilst this was not Rose Photo’s first Indian wedding, the occasion to travel to find new photo locations and the best possible back drops that perfectly suit our couple is always, always high on our list of perks of the job.

From the start of the Ganesh Puja, on through the Haldi & Mehndi preparations, through the next morning’s first look prior to wedding ceremony and even as we prepared for killer portraits prior to their final party of the weekend, P + A where absolutely themselves, super kind and dialed into their family and friends around them; which we must reiterate is the reason for the season! It is exactly why we get so excited to dial into other peoples’ story, to come to know their family, their friends and their style of loving. It’s what drives our excitement as we prepare for wedding photos, what builds these captures, and keeps us going during the countless hours on the ground and in post production ! Without our beautiful clients and their families, our photo work would be largely just architecture shots; but perfectly place beautiful people in gorgeous places, and viola: we have a highlight reel of wedding portraiture we like to call art !!

To our dear couple, their incredible friends and family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for including Rose Photo on your dearest celebrations….all of them :) The incredible energy that is builds throughout the multiple days of revelry in your honor is contagious and inspires us to keep our cameras clicking, even when an Auntie’s arm should whip (accidentally) in the direction of a camera and cause a small black eye ( true story but I got the shot!) It is truly our honor and privilege to be a part of the action and to share with you all our ways of seeing your love. We can’t wait for the next party!!


Rose + Co