Farm Fresh love: Blue Ridge Mountain wedding

When you work out with total babes and co work with amazing dress designers, you wind up with really fit clients in couture gowns! What can I say? When I started Rose Photo 5 years ago after 5 years freelancing in the portrait and wedding world, I knew my mission: find beautiful settings, capture pretty people, wearing gorgeous fashion. Being the daughter of a fashion designer I grew up surrounded by bolts of beautiful fabric. As a student photography since a young age, I learned to paint with light and often my canvas was my mom’s sewing room. Fast forward the tape to current life, and this makes my job creating beautiful wedding imagery a very enjoyable walk in the park. That’s not to say my job is easy, far from it in fact!! It’s the hardest job I’ve ever loved… so far;) I think when you truly love something, it not only shows but it is also infused into every little thing one does to support the vision. Even when my camera is set down, I see the shot, the way the light dances and the colors, textures and patterns that would make the perfect photo. Leading with love makes for lovely images, easy as that! Now preparing the timeline, getting the gear in order and obsessing over edits, is an entirely different topic. But let’s keep the focus on the lovely images, shall we??

When this babe of bride told me about her engagement to her Puerto Rican beaux and their plans to have a perfectly picturesque, outdoors wedding in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I jumped at the chance to grab my camera. Then, when she said she was having her gown made custom by one of my favorite designers in Asheville, I couldn’t wait a minute longer for her to confirm our contract! Angela Kim designs timeliness silhouettes and drapes laces so perfectly even her sample gowns are stunning! I know because she made a one of her one of kind pant suits for me to wear to my little sister’s Chicago wedding this past holiday season.

Beautiful bride in a stunning gown, check! Good looking groom with rhythm and a great smile, check! Vintage chic, outdoor venue with charming tree swing, organic garden and chickens, check! All that is left on the wedding day check list to be sure all the love that surrounds this darling couple is perfectly captured and no kiss is left behind. After all, the reason for the season is LOVE and it is the job of any good wedding photographer to see the love all around, even when it isn’t a #weddingday!!

To Katie + Mike a million times thanks for sharing your love story with Rose Photo. I loved capturing your beautiful moments of kindness and true love. You both inspire genuine connection to all the good people you’ve surrounded yourself with and it’s really clear to see that when documenting your big day.


Rose + Co