Wedding Wednesday: Maple + Ash Brunch

Details. Details. Details. I am admittedly so obsessed with the minutia, especially when it comes to floral design and anything sparkly.  This, of course, is an oxymoron in the making as the details require the utmost focus and the sparkly...well..SQUIRREL! As with many a millennial, I do try to fight the stereotype, but our focus can be fleeting.  In capturing all the incredible details of a wedding day brunch, I prefer to seek out the sparkly and zoom in, literally and figuratively. I also love finding the exactly perfect pockets of light and wait for my subject to walk directly into the scene. Focusing in on the minutia amongst the sparkly + sometimes contrasting light is a favorite physical challenge of mine. In finding that good light in the gorgeous texture and colors of Maple + Ash, we had the perfect setting for this beautiful bridal brunch. With autumnal floral accents by Fragrant Design, the venue sparkled even without a little bubbly buzz from mid morning mimosas!

Have a peek at this beautiful morning in Chicago's Gold Coast with all the #WeddingWednesday inspiration one caffeine buzzing millennial can write about!


Rose + Co