When I first met Sara P I immediately wanted to shop with her. This girl's sense of style is unparalleled.  We chatted over a glass of vino (or two) and decided we should work together on all things wedding.  It worked out smashingly because next door to our creative meeting was a pop-up trunk show that was just screaming our name! With Sara's encouragement, I scored an amazing Chartreuse Green leather jacket and Sara got an incredibly inspired, wedding photographer out of the day date ;) Then, when I had the occasion to meet Milos, the lucky guy that would wed this style queen a year and some change later, I could not wait until October 7 the following fall. His Serbian roots and jovial character made me instantly want to be his cousin...even if I'm more Ukrainian than Serbian...still I wanted to be family with this guy.  As we began planning how their amazing wedding day celebration would look in photos at the iconic, Chicago venue The University Club, I knew this wedding was going to be one of my all-time favorites: subject and location being the most foundational elements of any good photograph. 

First up, that ring!  A blue sapphire, solitude engagement ring was going to need its own time to shine on the photo timeline. You'll see I couldn't help myself and it was hard to even choose which one to select after we captured it's brilliance and shine! Onto all the gorgeous details of Sara's Carolina Herrera wedding gown to Milos's Balani custom suit; the glam fashion squad was in full effect on this amazing wedding day. The rain subsided on that Chicago Marathon weekend just in time for their first look on the roof terrace of the Club and sprinkled around again to provide the most perfectly timed, ceremony shining, double rainbow ever!! From their first kiss as wife and husband to their gregarious first dance, these two absolutely reveled in their big day.  Milos even arranged a surprise serenade during their beautiful reception for his bride as he sang lead vocals backed by Sara's family on guitars and vocals. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Sara+ Milos,  you know I actually had a love hangover on the Sunday following your wedding?! I was just the lead on photos for the day, no dancing or drinking for this gal; the energy of the entire wedding day was so incredibly palpable it would’ve been hard not to feel it the next day. I was truly abuzz the entire day after and felt so inspired by your love, your friends + family and everything that celebration represented. I kept overhearing Sara's mom say, 'Have fun babies!'. I felt that was the sweetest wish to you both and I am so honored to have captured so much of that heartfelt fun! Thank you for trusting my vision on your wedding day. I'm over the moon about this highlight reel and I hope you are, too!


Rose + Co