two twins + a toddler!

To say there is never a dull moment in the Rose Photo schedule is a understatement! Earlier this week this lovely brood stepped in front of our lens and gave me the occasion to capture some great summer shots!! I didn't stop moving the entire session as the tiny toddler of the fam ran in all directions and his big brother + sister raced through Jeanne Gang's Honeycomb at Lincoln Park Zoo. I was able to convinced them to pause, if only briefly, to capture a few family shots of the crew all together and somewhat still but only by promise of more racing! But my favorite part of this session after the cardio capacity, is this Mama's eye for style.  Her fam was dressed perfectly to make sure everyone was comfortable but also complimentary in their dress. I love the floral pattern on Ma's boots that ties together everyone's color pallet! Gone are the days of dark denim and matching white button downs for the group photo a la Gap...thankfully! With more genuine and authentic comfort comes the more genuine and authentic smiles, giggles and thereby photographs.

To my fave trio this month, you rocked this lifestyle session with your new, back to school glasses and all! Your giggles are contagious and racing speed untouchable. I can't wait to see you all again next season!!!!


Rose + Co