saturdays @ Garfield Park Conservatory

One of my all time favorite places to visit in Chicago is almost outside city limits but leaves me feeling thousands of miles away from any metropolitan area. The acres of green space encompassed by perfectly planned gardens which surround the amazing steel and glass architecture, now steel and plexiglass since a terrible hail storm a few years back, comprise an oasis of oxygen pumping and color bleeding backdrops for my lifestyle family photo shoots.

I met this beautiful brood last weekend at the Garfield Park Conservatory as they are expecting their third little girl in the coming weeks.  Already surrounded in a family of lovely ladies, Dad plays the leading man well! With so much girl power in this shoot, it was hard to pick just what images to share here on this tiny blog post. I will say with beautiful people in beautiful locations,  putting my camera gears to work is truly the hardest part of my job. A little bit of math and a keen creative eye are in my tool box but families like this one make my job of creating keepsake, photographic memories a walk in!

To this growing and blooming Rose Photo fam, thank you for sharing your moments as a beautiful family with me. I cannot wait to meet lil Ms. Pola!


Rose + Co