all the love at the Morton Arboretum this Fall weekend!

my lil cuties of clients just melted my heart ( & my mama's, too!  she sometimes serves as my assistant on shoots bc of her amazing ideas and on her toes troubleshooting. it's no question where my creativity comes from)

just look at Gwen's big blues and Jay's serious dimple!!! the amazing light of golden hour in the western suburbs on a quite Sunday afternoon is one of my absolute fav.or.ite tools to utilize as a lifestyle photographer.  these kiddos where on board to help me ( & my mama) create a really lighthearted and fun shoot. Gwen & Jay's parents have a serious hand it making all our shoots a success, too.  our set stylist is none other than the fabulous mama to these sweethearts. top to bottom, she dressed this crew with complimentary style that is just perfect; not the matchy matchy of the once popular denim and white polos...THANK GOD!  Mama Amy, you nailed it...again! As for Dad, all we have to say is... that hair!!! SO GOOD. period.

dearest stylized family of Rose Photo glory,  you are. the. best poster family. ever! I will be sharing this post, among other shoots of your fab style for many moons. thank you for your attention to pattern & color and above all else, the love.

can't wait until our next session.


rose photo