kelly + brendan take the Mag Mile & then make it official at Architectural Artifacts

these two love birds are. made. for.each other!  from their sweet first look onto the clever jests of all their good people on the microphone, Kelly & Brendan had us out to document a perfectly suited wedding bash at one of Chicago's coolest hoarder's paradise, Architectural Artifacts. I say this with serious love and admiration for this gem of a very fancy flea market.  for example, you want a set of roman columns for your living room? check. they have that. you want a few dozen hat forms to keep your hipster hats shaped right? check. they have that. maybe your just need a bunch of old skeleton keys. they have those, too! and the best part??? you can walk around, look, touch and buy any of these amazing old things..if you have a large bank account as these are not flea market prices and include none of the aforementioned fleas. 

you will, however, find one lil bug in this mini set; it's me.  typically, I don't include self portraits anywheres on my blog. butttt, in keeping up with this "selfie nation", I'm adding a funny lil photo of our take on the selfie with the Rose Photo lens. seriously, this place is one of the coolest spots to make a visit to in Chicago.

Kelly & Brendan,

thank you for including us in such a unique and perfect night of love and good light. it was wonderful to work with you and your families. looking forward to sharing all the images with you so soon!


rose photo