Dear Diary, I'd love a love that's this real!

In keeping with my quasi regular diary entries, I thought to continue on the ‘keeping it real’ kick I’ve been on and talk about a real hot topic, the hottest one i know: LOVE and just how every special real love is!

real love

So whether you’ve been married for 5 years or 50 years, if you’ve been killing it on the dating apps or swear them off all together, orrrr if you’re like me and join book clubs, synagogues and coffee klatch thinking you’ll meet THE one, we all have one thing in common: WE WANT TO BE LOVED. #amiright?!

Anyone who has read my blog (Bueler, Bueler,Bueler? I know, you’re mostly here for the photos but I gotta get the SEO in here ok !? Hang in there!) You may have noticed a new trend I’m kicking around. It’s called being real and I thought this would be another window into my warm, throbbing soul that is just so darn lovable but yet so darn single! I write this not exactly as a cry for help but more to connect with you, my love savvy reader so we can together rejoice in our quest for love and hopefully, your fruitful conquest of it. After all, I’m the fearless leader of a wedding photo collective

To say we know it when we see it ( as wedding professionals) is a vast understatement. Shoot, it’s like going on a first date where you aren’t exactly a third wheel but you can’t help but notice the insane chemistry ( or lack there of) when you are, indeed, a wedding photographer. Thanks be to everything holy, our beautiful clients tend to be head over heels in love with one another, have had more than one date and really are excited for the next chapter! This makes our job soooo much fun; because let’s face it people, love is palpable. Whilst I’m not exactly a scientist or even a sociologist ( though I do love to pretend) I often like to wax poetic about how the energy between our couples works real well when they really like each other AND that makes our imagery really, really dreamy. Sure, you can skip to the rest of the photos now but I do have some more getting real for ya, so read on, if you’re so inclined!

I’ve been doing this thing called dating alot lately. I had previously been on a looooong hiatus due to a somewhat awful ,broken heart-itis, again, playing scientist on myself! What I’ve noticed quite a-lot on my many, and I mean many quests for love is that relating with people is easy for me, being open and understanding that we all have our own sh*t and that we take it one day at a time, I got that and this gets me asked on many, and I mean many second dates. Now here is the tricky part, actually getting that gaga, can’t get you out of my head, loop of love feeling is rare. LOVE IS RARE. That’s why we love it so much because it’s so damn hard to pin down. And so, the quest continues…for this hopeless romantic anyways.

If you are still reading you may be wondering, where the heck is this chick going with this diary entry!?! In fact, I do have more than just antidotes about my love life - which by the way- may one day be a touring, one woman stand up routine so caution to those sliding into my DM’s with date requests ;)

Really I was giddy to get into the edit bay and see the captures of Lisa and Steve’s perfect wedding day last weekend at Chicago’s iconic Hilton on the always fabulous Michigan Avenue. Their’s the kinda of ‘let’s do this thing called life’ and keep loving each other love. The kind of love that really has you nodding your head like ‘yea! wow, I want THAT!’ The MADE FOR EACH OTHER kinda love. You know what I mean??

Again, not exactly a cry for help but really just talking LOVE and how truly wonderful it is when you can nail that elusive, heart racing, love you till the end, kinda love down and #putaringonit!

Annnnd should you know any eligible suitors, feel free to send them my way.