Dear Diary, it's true. I sh**t glamour!

Dear Diary,

Last I wrote I was confessing my secret love of milkshake pink. It’s true and really, quite surprising. It’s a color I keep finding myself covered in, from head to toe. And prior to this summer, black on black on black was my go to, no lie!! But this entry isn’t more about that, I swear. Though it is about fashion; a true fashion confession. I’m just getting super real with you lately, aren’t I?

I am the daughter of a costume designer and as a result, can never have enough tulle, lace or sparkle in my life. Yes, I have been known to send glitter bombs. Use caution when opening mail with my return address! I like the shiny so much, that it lead me to a pretty decent career, as a very well-costumed, show pony, on stage throughout my 20’s. Fast forward the tape, to my current life, as a wedding and fashion photographer, I must admit, my love of all things shiny still persists.

I swoon like crazy, over seeing the wedding day fashion, displayed just right for that shot of color and texture, and I literally obsess for far too long, over positioning the wedding ring just right for that bling-bling detail shot; omighad if I don’t get a full body shiver when it’s time for those killer portraits of my couple, dressed to the nines. I LOVE GLAM and I WISH EVERYDAY COULD BE A DRESS UP DAY. I swear!

The preverbal statement ‘devil is in the details’, is most commonly attributed to Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, a Chicago favorite, for sure. But upon digging a bit further, I found that to be a misattribution and is actually linked to an earlier German proverb - "Der liebe Gott steckt im detail", which translates as 'God is in the detail' - which I tend to like a whole lot more, and can more easily justify my obsession of photographing le shiny, in both material goods and human form! See, I find inspiration in the godliness of the shiny, of the divinity of the human form and perfection of the love story.

I especially love the detail shots, featured below, from A+E Chicago Athletic Association wedding . Did you know the White City Ballroom has it’s own ‘devil in the details’ association? And the history doesn’t stop there. I am on a constant quest to find these awesome architectural gems in every city I get to photograph. Chicago is layered in such rich details of history. When I’m in town, I can’t get enough. On any given, non winter weekday ( see early snowbird status) you can be sure to find me hanging out at the Chicago Cultural Center or at Harold Washington Library, seeking out more good details to fuel my passion for old school glam.

I started my photo career in The Windy City working in weddings, over ten years ago, at the same time I was shooting for print publications. I got cold feet, pardon the pun, and retreated to photograph portraits on non wedding days instead. Then five years down the road, I had more experience and thus more confidence, I returned to my first love of story telling, adding in a confident portrait piece and Rose Photo was born.

Now I draw the parallel of reportage / documentary style and making perfect portraits. I love to find my subjects acting in ways they normally would, and only direct them slightly, to capture the best light on a situation they were already naturally doing.

See, I want that glamour shot, but I don’t want it to feel too poised, cheesy or inauthentic. I think this sets my wedding and portrait work apart from other photographers. There, I said it. Again, just getting real with ya, Dear Diary!

I’m getting really real with you and I kinda like it. I’m not going to share much more today, because I have to get work on a grant application for program to connect really awesome kids, with really awesome camera gear, to empower and inspire more creatives in our world. Dear Diary, if you know any one that wants to help on this project, send ‘em my way, will ya??

It’s been real!