put a bow on it!

The day in the life of a portrait photographer is just the worst!! Running about the city, searching out the good light, perfect location and backdrop for a stunning family photo certainly isn't the most boring of jobs and does require the creative side of my brain to work hard. All said, it's kinda one of my favorite parts of preparing for a lifestyle photo session. Typically, I tell my clients all they have to do is show up at said perfectly planned locale and I'll take care of the rest. I also usually say no props, no extras, nothing to distract from the focal point, the family! Buttttt, this holiday season,  I've had to break my own rules when I stumbled upon this comically large bow.  I mean, aside from it being carted around Chicago in the back of my tini, tiny, Mini Cooper, what could be better use for this big ol bow than making an appearance in many a family photo this holiday season. Consider this bow the Flat Stanley, Waldo or Carmen San Diego of the accessory world.  Who knows where you'll see this silly bow next !!!

Then, of course, is the true subject matter of the imagery, of this blog post; these endearing brothers. My heart is a mush in the editing bay when I see how these sweet boys convey their care for on each other.  During a Rose Photo lifestyle session, we move around, we dance, we jump and we laugh. I find these sweet little techniques help keep energy high and meltdowns low. Kiddos move and play. Sitting still for more than a moment is boring so we keep it fresh.  After all, it's as much for my little bosses as it is for this big kid photographer!  

To the sweet Silver boys, thanks for keeping me on my tows and for making this silly bow look really good. We can't wait to get your holiday cards and goodies for under the tree to you!!



Rose + Co