baby henry in the Gold Coast!

can I just say I love this family like it is my own!?!? Henry is the second born to an amazing family living in Chicago's Gold Coast.  though their digs are quickly shrinking as their family grows, the amount of love in our mini shoot found in small pockets of light in their condo is making my heart all sorts of mushy. this baby boy is just 7 months old but he has the strength of a mighty little man. we had an excellent session that wrapped just as big sis came home from camp.   mom and I had already agreed we'd schedule a separate session later in the fall because big sis loves the Rose Photo camera so but Henry needed his time to shine!!

to Henry ( & your awesome fam) can't wait to have you all in front of the camera next fall.        today you totally nailed it; with all your bright eyes and strong legs. love ya little buddy!!



rose photo