love is still love: Mexican Destination Wedding

Have you ever heard of the Mexican Snowbird? It’s sorta like the Florida Snowbird but a bit more colorful and full of shiny brilliance than it’s cousin and only makes occasional flights to select ports!! You know, many local Chicagoans get through our long winters by dodging the snow and heading for sunnier locales, just like any good snowbird would :) So in honor of the 1 year anniversary of two lovely humans finding each other and making it legal, let’s talk about birds of a feather and how incredible it is when you find your love dove, shall we??

It’s always our honor and privilege to travel for weddings, to be both a fly on the wall documenting all the amazing moments and to be included in the flock that appreciates that love is love. Rose Photo believes through and through that true love knows no limits and that there is always room to celebrate equally. When these two gentlemen met each other, they will both tell you that they each knew right away they’d met their darling dove. I’m unsure if it was love at first sight; maybe it was love at first sniff or even love at first sound?? In any case, these guys knew it so immediately and followed up on that hunch with an intimate yet very colorful display of their undying affection in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, Mexico one year ago today. Surrounded by just under 100 of their nearest and dearest, Adam + Jaime joined flight force to be sure to love together, trust together, travel together and grow together. They first began their wedding weekend in a traditional Mayan ceremony blessing their union. Then, the next day, with bow ties on, in multilingual, Spanish and English ceremony, the two made it official with happy tears and honest declaration of their union.

One of the shiniest parts of this celebration of love was the floral! Adam is a very talented florist so no flower detail went unnoticed; complete with orchid purses for the flower girls designed by Adam and his amazing team !!!! With a picture perfect photo tour through old the Old Town area of PV, we captured some really fun, very editorial images of our couple and their dream team in a historic chapel and naturally with their flock of fancy lady birds! The day was magic and truly, even weeks later in the edit bay, our team was feeling the emotionality of the day. We never have the same work day twice and couples so in love like Adam + Jaime make that real.

Having dodged the Chicago winter and hosted a very classy destination wedding, these dapper Snowbirds set out for their next flight pattern on a European tour, holding true their promise to grow and travel together. Adam surprised Jaime with a multi-stop honeymoon to London, Paris and Rome , how very romantic!! Certainly traveling can show you so much of the world and even more of your travel partner. We are happy to wish our beautiful couple all the adventures in flight as birds of a feather, after all, love doves mate for eternity!!

Jaime + Adam happy Anniversary to you !! It was a pleasure to document the beginning of your love story and we wish you many more adventures together.


Rose + Co