Special Delivery: Your Photos

We photograph story for a living. What we love about our work is the connection we have with our clients. It’s exciting to grow relationships and often remain dear friends over the years of working together. A lessoned learned early in life: 'Always add a personal touch. Everyone loves to get a letter'. We like to include a written note with all our deliverables and even take it a step further to share in this blog a little about each story we have the privilege to tell. You know all our snail mail packages include a super cute card, sent with extra love, too! 

When it comes to file storage, there are as many options available as we have photographs to keep organized for our wonderful client base. Print deadlines for our editorial and commercial projects are fast and weddings happen pretty much weekly for our bustling photo studio. It’s an absolute must to be equipped with pro-tools at our finger tips that function at the speed of light and are ready to move around the studio from desktop to laptop and eventually to our clients in a seamless and user friendly way. The speed of processing and quantity of imagery that can be stored are the go to qualifiers for choosing which type of external or cloud storage we will purchase.

The best tool we have found for moving files, be it around the studio or in a hand crafted, Etsy inspired package, mailed directly to our clients door for their personal storage, is by using a trusted and speedy zip drive. Our favorite company to order this travel savvy drive is USB Direct. We were even able to customize our order with the Rose Photo logo on the sleek and compact drive case. It's very helpful to have a high speed drive that not only looks good but that can also store loads of high resolution files and be quickly stashed in your laptop case or packaged nicely with a hand written note to send for special delivery! 

Whilst we love to move files around the world at lightening speed, we also love an archival print. Digital is great but hard copies are real things you can hold. Our go to, online tool we use for all our client proofing and archival printing is CloudSpot. We absolutely love the format, it's incredibly user friendly and our clients love it, too! The cloud back up can be easily accessed by anyone from anywhere. The gallery share can go directly to client or on social media. The best part of it all is that the private client gallery is connected to our favorite print lab, White House Custom Colour. It's so easy to view photos online from desktop or smartphone and order archival prints directly to your doorstep! On top of that, we have a super secure, online back up of our professionally edited photo catalogues; all the birds, one stone.

Regardless of how many photos you need to store or how you choose to interact with your imagery - digitally or in print - it is imperative to have a solid way to move your photos, store them safely and access them quickly. We cannot stress enough the good practice of backing everything up a few times. Whilst our fave USB company makes a very trustworthy device and a reliable, cloud supported platform also backs up our own back up, you can never be too safe. Our clients trust our professional process, from capture through post production and onto file and print delivery.

We hope this ‘info-taiment' was helpful and that you go back up your files right away :)


Rose + Co