confetti + cake at The Chicago Athletic Association

 When the RP team first learned of Brittany + Hunter, we were told by the bubbly bride about how the two lovebirds met online and courted long distance.  Often skeptical of the online dating world, we quickly were impressed with the couple's success story and their dedication to each other's budding relationship. As we grew to know the two of them through many phone chats, email threads, and finally when we traveled to their sweet Kalamazoo, Michigan home, it was visibly apparent that these two are made for each other. We started capturing their love story as engaged sweethearts, settling into their first home together, complete with kittens and throw pillows! The RP take on engagement shoots is to capture couples in real life as much possible, skipping the overly posed and unnatural. We want to show you, with a zoom in on the authentic 'Day in the Life'... kitties included!! Brittany + Hunter chose to use the backdrop of their quaint, ranch-style house and showed our photographer, Hannah, their favorite local spot in downtown Kalamazoo, Bell's Brewery. After that it was time to dress up and make it official! We met the soon-to-be-newlyweds at the Chicago Athletic Association on a perfect summer day. We don't need to go far to locate stunning backgrounds for all our photo ops. In fact, Brittany was so excited about her historic wedding venue that she and Hunter asked that all of their wedding photos be taken inside the architectural gem that is the CAA. Well familiar to this incredible Mag Mile locale, the RP team planned for a few perfectly timed and expertly placed portraits. We couldn't pass up all the details of the vintage wood molding, Italian tiles and stained glass that tell a story of Chicago's rich history. To say this is one of our favorite places to work whilst photographing weddings in Chicago's Loop is an understatement!

Downtown certainly has a number of incredibly inspiring landmarks and picture-perfect ballrooms, but CAA's old-school glam along, with the newly restored original architecture and visionary design by Henry Ives Cobb really shows off the intended glory of 12 S. Michigan Avenue. The building is part of the Historic Michigan Boulevard District, which was designated a Chicago landmark in 2002. Did you know the previous stewards of the building once hid those amazing sconces in the White City Ballroom with foam drop ceilings and covered that incredible tile floor with carpet?? Oh, the 80's and 90's!!! The renovation in late 2012 brought this stunning space back to its true form and we are so grateful to be resident photographers there!! 

Brittany + Hunter were absolutely wonderful to photograph on their wedding day. We couldn't help but feel the excitement from every person who was part of the celebration and our team of 3 storytellers with cameras were set to capture every grin, giggle and hug. Their friends and families watched as these two dear hearts vowed to always put their love first. There were tears, there were lots of laughs and there was so much confetti...but only following the second line from the Madison Ballroom to that perfect White City, exposed sconces and all!  Our New Orleans raised groom turned Chicago Cubs fan waltzed arm in arm with his new wife into their wedding reception. What a reception it was! Cake and confetti!!! Did I mention the confetti ?? It danced on that Italian tile along with the entire wedding party as they moved in unison to their expertly choreographed group number, enticing pretty much every guest to join them on the freshly opened dance floor. And should you need a quick sugar fix, not a worry because backing the cake cutting was a doughnut wall, folks! YEP...a wall of doughnuts. No detail of celebratory magic was left unimagined by sweet Britt.  So much so, we felt the need to pen a blog about it...sometimes a little confetti ( or A LOT) goes a long way!!

Brittany + Hunter thank you so much for having the RP team document your love story. We may still be reeling from the extra doughnut love you sent us home with and also finding small remnants of confetti in our gear bags but we couldn't have been happier to be a part of your big day. And if you need a stand-in on that group number, you know where you can find us!!


Rose + Co