Brigitte Bardot+ her beaux in Chicago

Who doesn’t need a pair of knee high go go boots and fur coat on Michigan Avenue this weekend?? Personally, I think it should be required attire or, at the very least, a fall fashion essential to have, at minimum, one fur to the knees look with seemingly nothing underneath for a walk down the Mag Mile before it snows!! Add a hot date and a seriously teased, very, very long shag and you’ve got yourself a pair of lookers on Michigan Avenue sexy enough to stop traffic dead in it’s grid.

Legs for days and a total sweetheart of a babe, our bride- to- be featured in this smoking hot RP Custom Engagement Shoot steals the show for the first half of this blog post - spoiler alert if you skip through to the imagery, her other half is pretty easy on the eyes, too! I like to shoot portrait photography like every image we capture would grace the cover of a magazine. With that in mind, I obsess and I mean obsess over lighting details, style and mood of every shoot. No matter what we are commissioned to photograph, these are my team’s directives: who is our subject, what is important to them and where are they going after our shoot? I get on their level and try to see them how they see themselves. In this case, our Brigitte is a witty, glam sexy, West coast gal getting hitched to a solid, business savvy beaux that gets his kicks driving fast cars, jumping from airlines and playing in traffic…well, at least in our photoshoot he did!

We camped out in the couple’s suite at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel complete with vintage decor and mood lighting to boot. I write about this historic spot in Chicago a lot because my team and I work there…a lot! When the spot first reopened a few years ago, I laid my eyes on the White City Ballroom and pretty much promptly declared ‘We were moving in!’ And so, a handful of years later, we work there at least once a month. Humble brag, I know, but we work hard and love every minute of it! In doing so, we’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of the sweet gem of old school, Chicago architecture like the back of our hand. The Cherry Circle Room is a fave spot to photograph though it’s self named, dark wood and select details are a great lighting challenge to keep moody and bright all at the same time.

A+ E your style is the stuff my photo dreams are made of. I’m just as obsessed with the outcome of this shoot as was in creating it. We cannot wait for your wedding imagery because we both know your West Coast style paired with a classic Chicago style martini is on point. My crew loves your crew and we cannot wait for more reasons to work together. Bring on the fast cars and furs!


Rose + Co