Waldorf Wedding full of Chicago Glamour

They say ‘when you know, you know.’They also say ‘when you least expect it, love will find you.’ I’m not entirely sure who ‘they’ are but they must be right because the love we had the honor to captured recently is a testament to these promising prose. In a world of online dating, blind dates and other seemingly less than assured ways to meet ‘the one’, these two first laid eyes on each other with no internet connection, having been ‘set up’ or even a matchmaker in site. It was a chance crossing of paths that lead them to one another and seeing them together can inspire hope in even the biggest skeptics of love. These two may not have expected to meet one another but by the looks of it, it’s certainly a great thing that they have!

When we first met H + S, it was so apparent how much care and thought went into their partnership. And not just the typical stuff like holding doors and sweet words of praise…yes that ,too! And also how both of them together treat the people around them; she gracefully kind and he considerately tenderhearted, they really are match made in heaven. Our RP engagement shoot was designed around their sophisticated style and daily habits, their favorite environments -their living room with family and nearby neighborhoods -Chicago’s gorgeous lakefront and museum campus.  One remarkable consistency in both our first photo shoot and their wedding day imagery is how endearingly he looks at her…ALL. THE TIME! 

Fast forward the tape a handful of months later and we get the chance to see our sweet love birds again, this time even more elated to be in each other’s company and with line up of A++ wedding professionals from the city they both love so much to make their big day sparkle. The Rose Photo Team found ourselves at the always stunning and classic Waldorf Astoria in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. The attention to detail in the evening’s planning was just as considerate as our groom and as glamorous as our bride.  Marquette Avenue Events pulled out all the stops to organize the stunning details perfectly placed by Fragrant Design and coordinate the sweet beats of Okyne Media Lab as guests enjoyed an authentic hookah experience from Hookah Chi. Our gorgeous bride and her sweet family where made to look wedding day ready by the artistic graces of Hair by Jaun Jose and make up by Julia Simone . With love so big and gorgeous style abound, it’s no wonder that both H+S both wore smiles from ear to ear all night long! Oh and don’t forget the quick stop before ceremony at Hermes , our bride’s fave stop on Oak Street!!

To the ‘they sayers’ everywhere, thanks for guiding H + S to our team so we could perfectly capture their very graceful and oh so glam love story. We love a good reason to get dressed up and the style these two bring to the table of love is really quite inspiring. As true believers in real love and good fashion, there is hope for us all!


Rose + Co