A Love Supreme

I had a dream a few months back to throw a huge party that celebrates love in it's various forms. I thought it was important to create imagery that showcased love as love and in a really unique way; a MASS wedding celebration for my friends and family in the LGBTQ community.  It was imperative that this party be hosted in a place that also honors diversity and would be supported by a crew that sees the importance of joining together to put our talking to walking; action to our Facebook rants and collective cooperation in what's been a very divisive year. Without sliding down the slippery political slope, I just wanted to do something that would help to unite instead of divide. So with a good deal of inspiration and enough post election nausea, I picked up my head and made a few calls.

The Chicago Athletic Association gladly obliged and offered their incredible venue for the celebration. This was a perfect fit as the CAA continues to break down the boundaries their storied walls once held and welcomed my idea with open arms. I curated a team of my favorite Chicago wedding vendors: Artistic Blooms on floral, Marquette Avenue Events on wedding planning, Leap Weddings on video and Windy City Dinner Fairy on sweet treats. Together we put this vision to work. The project became known as A Love Supreme and we invited couples to participate in this unique wedding event this spring. We were excited to receive a tremendous response upon going public with the invite but ultimately as we neared close to our April 9 wedding day, the group decided that sharing one couple's very unique and personal journey to marriage equality would best serve the initial vision; breaking down barriers and celebrating love as love true. So with that I was so thrilled to meet our most beautiful couple, Alishe + Cassaundra and begin to tell their love story. With the vision of our amazing floral designer , the organizational strengths of an A+ planner and the backdrop of this gorgeous wedding venue, photo + video team went to work with our stunning subjects. 

Alishe + Cassaundra, your love is an inspiration. Your strength, beauty and dedication to being real is what my dreams are made of! Having the opportunity to work with you both, invite your friends + family to celebrate your love and curate a collection of imagery to highlight love in all its forms has inspired not only my team but the entire crew of collaborators that helped make the vision real. I will always remember April 9 as the day love showed most supreme on the Rose Photo lens!


Rose + Co