Fall in love in Asheville, North Carolina

I am totally a YES person. And in the spirit of collaboration, I always believe that I have something to learn and there is strength in the team over the individual. So when a dear friend + fellow creative told me of her new professional venture taking her private practice as a licensed therapist to a next level experience offering image consulting, I wondered how I could get involved. We kicked around the ball a few times, chatting varying concepts and even throwing together a few test shoots with her stylish self as our sweet model. As the fall colors of Western North Carolina reached the season's peek, we had our first project together outlined. Brilliant at most things she touches, this ladyboss played casting director and found our sweet + totally in love couple to play the part of falling in love with these lushes fall colors. With the perfect backdrop, authentically in love cast and vision for a true collaboration, all that was left was what to wear.  A stylist is nothing without her resources and pull it all together she did! With the generous support of a favorite boutique AND a vintage shop on Lexington Ave in downtown Asheville, we had our storyboard in order!

We love this shoot for so many reasons: we love Minx as one of Asheville's best and long standing boutiques for a super cute, and always color-coded shopping experience. The Honey Pot, through it's various incarnations has remained a mainstay, vintage hub on the hipster drag that is Lex Ave. With Kyrie + Richard's budding love changing seasons in front of my lens, my job to photograph that emotion was pretty seamless. As we sprinted back down from 4800 feet in elevation to capture the remaining light of the day, there where cheers for each of our separate but equally supportive roles in encouraging the success of this shoot. {side note, if you haven't ever visited Asheville, NC, you may not know, but this kind of energy is palpable and regular. It is one of the very solid reasons I now call it my base camp. Also, if you haven't visited, please do plan for a long weekend but please don't move there!! I took the last open seat but that's because I left my name on it when I left for Chicago 10 years ago!) Seriously though, capturing the magic of twilight at Craggy Dome, with perfectly suited lovers at the peek of Fall's brightest colors, with the making of such a dreamy crew was perfection. Here is a sweet interlude from Marisol, our thoughtful stylist and intentional af human being:

'Although styling, posing and getting the look right is the point, running up & down mountains with bags of wardrobes is thrilling and utterly life affirming. But I have to say my favorite part of my job is the conversations I get to have with my clients through our process together. Talking with Kyrie, I began to glimpse into the love that she and Richard have shared over the last year. It is dynamic and explosive, as witnessed in these shots; but even more so, their love is patient, accepting and entirely vulnerable. During my conversation with Richard, he echoed the sentiments of his beloved like a mirror meant only for the reflection of another. He noted the timeliness of this opportunity to publicly express their connection on film as it relates to growth in all areas his life. Synchronicity, folks. It's not a coincidence; it's universal law.  When we work together, possibility flows like honey'

With that, I offer this collaborative set of personal work on my professional channel because I love it that much! The old adage of 'if you love your job you will never work a day in your life' has never rang more true in my heart and soul. To all of the collaborators on this project and the various projects, both personal and professional I have on the stove at the moment, your energies fuel and inspire me beyond my best and worst dreams; after all, you can't have dark without the light.

Stay tuned for more pops of color from this team and many more collaborations. Remember, #strongertogether. 


Rose + Co