Little kids in a big city: Downtown Chicago Family photos

Little kids with big dreams in a world class city are often my boss! This little lady is no exception to that rule and, in fact, her personality is bigger than big. Little Ms. L greeted me at the start our lifestyle family photo session last weekend with a hearty hand shake and boisterous intro stating that she was doing GREAT! With that energetic tempo, we traveled up and down the Chicago River Walk, danced under the newly installed Tony Tasset DEER sculpture and finally made our way for a sweet treat from Dylan's Candy Bar.  All in an afternoon of family photo fun, we got the good captures that we'd spent weeks planning for and even dodged a few meltdowns, because...well being a little big kid is hard work, especially in front of the camera! 

To my newest tiny boss, little Ms. L, thank you for being SO full of playful energy and playing along with our photo plan even when you'd had enough. It paid off in the end with a candy haul and, of course, these sweet photographs.


Rose + Co