A very theatrical Chicago Wedding. Staring:Lani + Joe

It's safe to say your wedding day is your day to shine! Though in this case, these two people that make up the dynamic marring duo shine on a regular basis, in their own light.  The blushing bride is hardly that, as she often graces the stage in front of many a packed house as a soprano vocalist and opera singer. Her latest performance accolades include sharing her lyrical talents with non other than Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a recent visit the esteemed judge paid to Chicago. This wildly talented, perfectly poised sweetheart found her match in an equally talented, musically inclined gentleman composer that likely couldn't write a sweeter love song than the one he and his lady found together.  His gentle demeanor and graciousness through out their big day inspired a very relaxed and jovial wedding day vibe. With these stage notes in mind, it was no surprise that Lani + Joe chose their wedding ceremony to be fully composed around an amazing choral liturgy and their reception to showcase the many talents of their friends & family of performance prowess. It was, therefore, my  job to perfectly light this showcase of love!

Even in the highest tides of wedding season, finding the right light for our couple each weekend is really important to me. I don't have a standard list of locations I hit for every wedding and, in fact, I lean heavily on my lovebirds to tell me where they love to spend time, what spots in the city they call cozy and we plan our photo tours accordingly. In this case, Lani + Joe really wanted to be sure we could capture some photos on their wedding day where they'd gotten engaged at Hollywood Avenue Beach. Fellow photographers out there know that beach lighting- with the exception of right before sunrise and right before sunset - is less than ideal. But most important to the Rose Photo mission of authentic storytelling, is listening to our clients and figuring out how to best tell their love story with our tools! So, with that, we went to the beach and I lit the stars of the show accordingly.

Lani + Joe, I would love to share with you just the one image that sums up the title of this blog entry as well as your pitch perfect wedding day and I'm sure you can guess which on that might be; but since I'm just the talent and not the editor, I digress.  Here is a sweet highlight real from a very dramatic and inspired wedding day staring a wildly talented cast of plenty!



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