Asheville, North Carolina's own #MrsandMrAsheVegas tie the knot!

Where to begin with this one!?!? I spent 10 minutes writing about how I hate writing and just really prefer to make gorgeous photos instead. Then, I decided that writing a blog about love can’t include the word hate so immediately deleted that. I was told recently, to my delightful surprise, that people actually read this little ol blog thing of mine and don’t just scroll down to see the photographs. So, if you can’t already tell, I’m more nervous to write this one than the last but I now think - as I type- that is because I’m falling more and more in love with my work every day. It’s almost as though these little blog entries that once only served as love letters to my clients, as sweet notes of gratitude and honor to be included in documenting such beautiful ritual, can't go unwritten; at the very least they have to have some corresponding verbiage to go with the imagery. And so as my love for my own photographic work has evolved, so has my love…errr let’s say occasional ‘like’ for my letter writing. Hopefully, as I gush gloriously over this set of photographs (wait....don’t scroll yet!!) the words match in someway in strength and valor to the love that just pours out from these images. To say my photo work has evolved is an understatement. To say I actually feel proud to write about it is a small victory I can’t help but humble brag about. There, that’s my disclaimer. Now for the real sappy stuff!
                                         THIS PLACE. THESE PEOPLE. THIS LOVE
There is something intrinsically special about the hills of Western North Carolina. So special, in fact, that I myself, can’t stay away from the small mountain town called Asheville. Interestingly enough so goes the story of the beauty that was married recently in those glowing hills and inspires this entry. Jane had left and come back to good ol Western North Carolina a few times and as they say, the third time is a charm; especially when you're as charming as Jane Kramer. 

     On a previous stint in WNC, she had met with Jason for an interview for his online, local news and entertainment website, Ashevegas, for all things Asheville in anticipation of her first solo album. Then, when Jane returned to Asheville yet again, she followed up with him to ask him out!! Hello, modern day woman!! Though rumor has it, he'd never lost sight of her since that interview and was also quite delighted to see the wildly talented singer/songwriter back in the Blue Ridge Mountains. And so Mr. Ashevegas himself found his way to his heart's dream by way of the sweetest voice this side of the continental divide! His valor and dedication to Jane's happiness are unparalleled; you can seriously see it in his eyes (wait.... don't scroll yet!!). After she sang her custom writ vows to Jason, he replied to her with the focus and sincerity reserved for the one your heart waits for. He said in his vows 'I see you, Jane'. To be seen, isn't that what we all be seen?

I saw their love, pure and true last weekend in the bright, fall light and am so honored to share these captures that inspire me beyond even my most poured over attempts at writing. I've been told you are always exactly where you need to be and I've not always believed that to be true. Despite, that very thought popped into my head over and over at this celebration of love as I noticed everyone on that splendid Mars Hill farm, dancing amongst the paper lanterns, howling through the slats of the old red barn and laughing to their hearts' delight, were absolutely exactly where we needed to be. So, without further ado, if you haven't already, please enjoy the love that these two incredible souls share with one another. I am out of words and like my photography professors drilled into my head, 'you shouldn't have to say anything about your images. They should speak for themselves'. Well, too late!

Rose + Co