put a ring on it!

Getting engaged is such a wonderful time in life, especially if you are into that whole LOVE thing!! I most certainly am. I mean, how could I not be, I'm in LOVE with LOVE!! The exciting butterflies of moving from the 'dating' stage in a couple's life together to being 'engaged' is so. very. fun! You've found your companion and now have someone to walk towards life's adventures, hand in hand. We always tell our couples that since this time is super special, planning for an engagement shoot is a great idea. Not only because it's perfect time to document this chapter of time, but it's an excellent dress rehearsal for big day photographs. We have an opportunity to all work together in creating your story seamlessly, with photographic precision and with your specific style in mind. My team + I do a lot of planning to ensure an awesome engagement shoot. After all, telling your story is what we do best; and no two stories are the same so each shoot has its own style. We love scouting the best locations for amazing light + beautiful backdrops. Finding out what our couples do in their spare time together helps direct us to a perfect overall style that reads so authentic in imagery.   

'Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.' - Dorothea Lange

I am so honored that my role in the photo field is currently one that has be documenting all the feels, chronicalling great captures as field researcher for love. One day I may have another job in this ever evolving + visual art form but for now I'll keep click on LOVE.


Rose + Co