rain rain, go away...or just circle around us, that's fine too!

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck! But usually we want the rain to happen well in advance of the outdoor ceremony + from the photographer's standpoint, just for that nice and soft, cloud diffused light.  Certainly soggy flower girls and an upset bride is not what we aim for on big day celebrations so our wedding last weekend had some real lucky sweethearts! It rained on and off most of the day in the surrounding areas but just a small drizzle blessed their beautiful outdoor ceremony. Always one to overpack, I had an assortment of umbrellas in my trunk and luckily one of the many matched the bride's dress. All the luck was on our side considering the Doppler radar + Tom Skilling's prophecy for the Chicagoland area.  We worked quickly to capture some really lovely wedding day photographs with Mother Nature supplying all the best light + occasionally taking cover under our own 'umbrella' of the ever trusty collapsable ZipDisk, typically used to reflect light, not water!!

One thing I absolutely love about working in this field is you MUST think on your toes and no matter what, get the shot!  Rain or shine, double rainbow, overheating on a hot  + humid day, dodging 'thundersnowstorm', coddling crabby flower girls, running behind schedule or WHATever, our job as wedding photographers is to move gracefully throughout the day AND get the shot. It's like the front line of image making; you can't hide in the studio,  you can't control your light source and you must be friendly whilst navigating this bliss-filled battle field. I truly love it! Being prepared absolutely helps but you can't possibly prepare for every curve ball so a good sense of humor helps tremendously. So at the end of the wedding day, each time we wrap another awesome occasion to document love, after the topsy turvy weather, amidst nailing the shot list and also hugging all the grandmas in attendance,  the Rose Photo team exchanges high fives  + toasts to another job well done...and then we charge our batteries for the next party. 


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