1. friends that you've know so long they become family and or are just so close to your heart that you wouldn't think twice about missing out on celebrating big occasions.

2. friends or blood relatives to whom we would actually choose to be related, because relationship is mutually respectful, close, very supportive and affectionate. 

The Bostwick Family has shared a back yard with our family home for more years than we have lived there. It was fitting the the family that grew up in the house before my family arrived was also dear friends with the Bostwicks, as are many of the old neighborhood families. We are, in a sense, one of many families that occasionally merge into one. We've all grown up together in one way or another and knowing each others' story isn't just neighborhood gossip. It's more like knowing what your sister or brother has been up to or checking in with your Grandmother to be sure she knows you are doing OK. This is a neighborhood to many, a community for certain and in a time when we aren't so sure about safety, it is a web of really good people we can call humanity.

When one of the dear Bostwick grandkids reached out to me with his beautiful fiancé of 12 years with question of my availability for their big day, I was more than excited to be a part of the celebration + super honored to know I could tell their story so well.  With two beautifully big families merging as one for a weekend in Wisconsin, this was sure be an awesome couple of days packed full of laughter, tears, cannon balls into the lake and who knows what else!! With that, Rose Photo packed up our gear, gassed up the Mini Cooper and headed north for a weekend full of celebrating LOVE.

Claudia + Grant ARE love. They met in high school and have been planning this wedding for the many years since. He comes from a big Irish family full of even bigger laughs, hugs and high fives. She is a beautiful latina with Mexico City roots and family both here in Chicago and in Mexico. Together their celebration honored their families both present and those whom have gone before them in a truly sincere and beautiful way. With a bilingual photo team that can gracefully handle really big crowds of loud family + friends, we hit this one out of the park, if I do say so myself! With the shear amount of joy + love that filled the Heidel House Resort last weekend, you'd think my team would have needed an extra suitcase just to carry home our memory cards full of exactly that....MEMORIES! So much fun, so much love and really so much framily is what these celebrations are all about. I could keep writing ( ok, ok, GUSHING really) about how excited I was to arrive and to document these lovebird's party and how it was every bit as wonderful as I imagined it to be. But this is blog, not a novel. But honestly people, this is the kind of love you can't fake, you can't make look this good. This is the real deal. 

Claudia + Grant, for reals. love you guys!



Rose + Co