summer love in the city

When Lynsey + Frank casually strolled to meet for our engagement shoot together at the West Loop's Moroccan- inspired, glam champagne garden known as RM, you better believe I was giddy with excitement to see how perfectly styled these two love birds looked. Color, texture and pattern are all key elements in creating really good looking photographs. Having subjects that are easy on the eyes certainly doesn't hurt either! Though I have to say that these two appear to be so genuinely in love with one another that I imagine it'd be just as easy to capture a gorgeous portrait of them in just about any fashion. But it just so happened their style for the day fit perfectly into that back drop that is the stunning patio behind Nellcote, the sister establishment just in front of this sweet sipping spot. 

Lifestyle imagery ( buzz word in the photographic world ) relies on capturing authentic, emotive and real life photos that really move your heart parts to feeling.... you know, like in real life! I absolutely love this genuine nature of photography and when we plan for the Rose Photo custom engagement-shoot: the setting, the tempo, and the light all play integral parts to capturing those real moments in time. Again, with a palpable synergy between our subjects, it's really hard to not catch that emotive and heart stopping feel-good stuff we need to make lifestyle photographs really come to life! 


Rose + Co