Boudoir by Rose Photo

Finding ourselves in the longest month of love since the last leap year back in 2012 has had it's perks. Certainly the milder winter has helped in keeping us inspired as has our bevy of beautiful clients requesting more Boudoir by Rose Photo.  This February we've already hosted an amazing and very styled boudoir series at Chicago's So Ho House and then another date at our newest studio digs in the West Loop.  In order to create compelling and beautiful imagery in the boudoir setting, I find it integral to really know our clients well, to understand where they feel most comfortable, most sexy and most confident. I don't like to shoot every wedding the same way and therefore, my approach to boudoir is to exact the process to my client so our created imagery reads truly authentic and most comfortable for them, in their story.        

This beautiful bride-to-be came to us with such trust and excitement to capture an authentic set of photographs for her prior to her wedding day this summer.  We were thrilled to create this visual memory for her of the excitement to marry the man of her dreams but also to inspire her to feel confident, beautiful and amazing always. And in these shoots, it is so inspiring for me to hear and participate in good conversation of body positive talk, creative and encouraging ways our make up artists and hair stylists suggest to our client to highlight the positive instead of cover up the negative, and to just feel good about yourself!  It's as much a consideration of perspective as it is a consideration of self. I personally think it integral to create these awesome and inspiring moments for our clients that turn into lasting photographic memories for a lifetime.



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