claudia + grant

high school sweethearts turned fiances will become husband and wife soon! Claudia + Grant have been a pair for nearly a decade and will make it official next July. we started our engagement photo tour the Rose Photo way with a toast at the newly opened 7 Lions Bar Kitchen and Cellar on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. We strolled through the south gardens at the Art Institute of Chicago and onto Museum Campus where Grant asked Claudia to marry him last year. I love learning the stories of my clients so I can best tell their story authentically and also choose locations + light that suits them just right. though making portraits requires my clients to relax into the role of subject, my favorite captures are those made when no one knows they are being photographed.

Claudia + Grant, thank you both for relaxing into the role of subject for the Rose Photo lens. though you've grown comfortable with your long lasting love for one another, I know having your photograph made isn't always a walk in the park. though, I will say, during our walk in the park, the two of you sure made it look easy! looking forward to next July with you both and the entire crew that will celebrate your love for one another.


Rose + Co