catherine + ryan...and the Volinis!

This amazing and grand family that is the Volinis is seeing another one of their gorgeous daughters married. Catherine is one of many Volini children and the entire brood welcomed Ryan into their western suburban homes a few weekends back. It was an epic, two day, engagement celebration complete with pig roast, picnic tables and a Chicago, summertime thunderstorm to boot, and that was just day one! The following morning Catherine's mom hosted a brunch like no other in her beautiful and cozy home. As with any big family, there are always so many kiddos!!  Having got my start with portrait photography with the tiniest of bosses, I love to turn from event photographer to children's photographer in a heart beat.

This weekend celebration of two lovely people coming together to enjoy festivities hosted by one big and glorious family was truly beautiful to capture.  I often tell my clients and their families how much I love my job because it's never the same day twice. These two days of capturing imagery of all the Volinis and their excitement for Catherine + Ryan was super sweet and heart warming.

Catherine + Ryan thank you for having me to document these wonderful parties in your honor. With such a warm and love filled family, I'm sure you two are off to wonderful adventures, supported and cherished by your awesome families!


Rose + Co