rudi + wendi on a roll

these two kiddos have been part of the Rose Photo family for nearly five years now. I get the occasion to bring my camera along on all kinds of fun dates throughout the year.  earlier this week we made our date at the Lakeshore East Park that now is full to the brim with toddlers, two wheelers and four leggeds!! the multicultural hidden gem of that community is steps away from Chicago's own Millennium Park but you wouldn't know it as it's tucked up and away at the end of Randolph. we cruised the two wheelers, hit the swings and ended the session with a sweet ice cream treat. 

sometimes during my lifestyle photo sessions with families, even families like this one whom I've been with for so long, we get off course and a tiny (large) melt down occurs.  through my training in life that has lead me to be the photographer I am today, I've learned to roll with the punches    ( & 6 year old attitudes) and redirect the shoot....even if that has to happen 4-5 times.  and though I do curate my blog imagery to reflect the best of the shoot, I will say honestly that there is maybe one or two captures that show my sweet 6 year old mid meltdown. those gems are reserved for her mama only so when she is 30, she can have a good laugh! but the rest of our set reflects the intention of the shoot, capturing kids being kids, having fun and being active. 

rudi + wendi, you've not only taught me that patience is a virtue but that it is a also a tool as important as my camera body, as needed as my batteries and as able to focus as any good lens.  thank you both for keeping me on my toes and never letting me get bored with my job.


Rose + Co