ellen + bryan make it official!

Last weekend we had the honor to be part of Ellen + Bryan's beautiful wedding, perfectly planned on the the 4th of July! Complete with sparkler exit and firework finale, the day was a great celebration for all sorts of reasons. The whole crew, and there was a baker's dozen of boys on the grooms side, cruised to the Patrick Healy Mansion in south suburban Joliet to officially unite these two love birds in wedded bliss. The breeze was light and every detail of this historic mansion was beautifully done to host all the family and friends who came to celebrate with the bride and groom. 

On my way to the venue, I heard a radio DJ thank everyone whom was working on their holiday.   I quietly chuckled and said to myself, "Yea that is a bummer for anyone working on this gorgeous day." Then, when I arrived to "work", Ellen's mom said to me, " Thank you for working on the holiday, Rose." And it was then I realized, " Oh yea, I AM working!"                                                  My job rarely feels like it is a job because I genuinely love what I do. In my senior year of my undergraduate studies, a favorite professor of mine told me to never get a job. Initially I was confused by what he meant but as I have developed my career, my intended life's work, I now know what he meant. That said, I've got to get to work so I can keep enjoying my day!

Happy Friday everyone!!  And to Ellen + Bryan, thank you so much for trusting my love of photography on your big day. It was truly a beautiful celebration and we are honored to have been a part of these memories.


Rose + Co