artists' collaboration

I recently worked with an amazing crew of some of Chicago's finest hair, makeup and modeling talent to create a collaborative set of imagery. I've not worked in the commercial sector very much yet but this series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and I would love the opportunity to shoot more projects like this. Our skill sets as artists vary but each one of us brought an awesome level of professionalism and unique vision to the project.  with our back drop being a a vintage, French inspired parlor, this set is part of a larger series that we will added to in the coming months. though the fashion is created by a local designer, we aimed to tell a story of another place, during another time with this imagery.  the ethereal make up and dreamy hair made for an incredible look on our throw back set. our inspire was taking from the stage, performance as a muse. stay tuned for more from this series, maybe even live from the stage!!


Rose + Co