this IS fifty!

on my recent adventures to Central America, I met an amazing and inspiring woman whom, luckily, was also not in the least bit shy!  even though the retreat was most certainly a vacation from the daily tasks of city life and running my own lil photo studio, I came fully prepared to make portraits and was so excited that this lovely lady was game. the flora and fauna of Costa compares to none other and pair that with the stunning pockets of light throughout our camp and we had the recipe for a gorgeous, impromptu  photo shoot.  as the imagery proves, age is merely a number. its how you feel, live and love in your life that qualifies the quantity of one's time here.  as many of my portraits sessions do, this shoot continues to inspire me in my own daily routine. I appreciate not only the great pockets of light,  saturation and backdrops of this shoot but the beautiful &  fearless  energy that comes along with this courageous woman.

Kathleen, it was a sincere honor to meet you. Happy Birthday to you and to many, many more sun filled, strong and colorful days!!


Rose + Co