snowday !! snowday !!

so most of the midwest is unearthing from the buckets of snow that danced into our streets,       ally ways, drive ways and walk ways. in the midst of the storm, two of my favorite Eskimos and I ventured to the Maggie Daley Ice Ribbon, just off of Chicago's awesome Millennium Park.   though the rink was closed because of all the snow that had already fallen, we continued on our snow day plans! we laughed, giggled and mad as many snowballs as we could until we required hot chocolate to bring our hands back to room temp.  par for the blizzard course, there wasn't an inch on any one of us Eskimo's not completely covered in snowflakes.  it was cold but it was so much fun. have I mentioned lately....I LOVE MY JOB.

to my sweet, lil snow pals, thanks for the inspire to bundle up and get out into the winter wonderland. sometimes we  big kids get all wound up in how terrible winter treats us, how it tends to make everything just a little more difficult. but when we take a step back from grumbling, pick up a lil snowball and launch it high into the air, aren't we just a little but happier!? to many more days of happiness, maaayyyybbbbbee a lil more snow and lots of Eskimo kisses !!



rose photo