behind the scenes @ Morgan MFG

Around the corner from the semi-truck lined streets ofWest Loop's Fulton Market District is an unassuming warehouse that predates the Chicago Fire. The completely renovated space includes 32,000 square feet of not just any open floor plan but a carefully designed and perfectly planned showstopper of a space intended to inspire collaboration + innovation. So much so that the founding group's mission statement reads " Morgan Manufacturing’s mission is to help seed the intersection of Chicago’s business, technology, creative, and philanthropic communities by creating a space to stimulate collaboration, ideation, and creation. " 

Rose Photo was thrilled to be part of one such collaboration of creatives in this incredible space this past September. With our team of 20+ creatives including lighting, hair, make up, event design, marketing, photography and a band...a real live BAND, this crew created someamazing imagery. Because the collective that produced this shoot aims to share the photography in publication, both online and print, we can only share the behind the scenes captures that we often don't show! We love this set as it really shows off this incredibly modern and industrial space with it's warm elegance and very sophisticated style from a different angle than the event coverage, editorial or wedding photography we often show and see.

To this grand group of collaborators, in a space designed to incubate such projects and parties, we can't wait for more occasions to create at Morgan MFG. The team that runs the space, our crew of creatives and the space itself allowed such an awesome and integrative project.


Rose + Co