love your sister

at this risk of this entry being very, VERY sappy, I'm going to go ahead and dedicate this post to my sissy. she's the kind of person that has a glimmer in her eye even when she's wearing sweats. she's my best and only sister from our mama and I love her to the moon. we recently celebrated some important moments together in Sedona, Arizona. in our trip together, I was reminded of the light she carries in her heart. it's our job as family, friends and humans to reminder each other of the glimmer we all have in our eyes, in our hearts. decidedly, my job as a photographer is to ensure family + friends don't forget that glimmer.

dear sister, you reminded me of my light and you are a true beauty; strong, courageous and my favorite opposite. you remind me of my weaknesses and encourage my strength.


your sister