cs 20th year anniversary @ The Chicago Art Institute

last night was an awesome celebration of one of Chicago's most well known publications, CS.  I've had the pleasure of photographing for them for the past year & have come to meet some of the Second City's key players.  the events hosted by the publication are often had at Chicago's sweetest spots and this occasion was no different. the party took place in the gorgeous Modern Wing of The Art Institute. with impressive decor, awesome modern architecture and wonderful people watching, this event was a great capture for the rose photo lens. often as I shoot these 'whose who of city culture', I ask myself what my job would have looked like 25 years ago, 50 years ago or even in 1914;  when structures such as the Reid Murdoch Building where lauded for it's modern architecture and what guests would be wearing, saying and telling their friends the next day.  these are the little day dreams that remind me my job as a photographer is very much one of a sociologist with a camera. overall, not a bad gig for day ( or night) job!

CS, thanks for having me on your team! to 20 more years of Modern Luxury.


rose photo