lil rudi & medium wendi

gosh. do I love these kiddos!!!  it's been  5 years now  that I've been with this awesome family and each time we meet for our photo session, we have a totally different adventure.  naturally, today was full of giggles and crazy fun kiddo energy. we started in their lovely home overlooking Millennium Park and then our adventure took us into the parks and gardens surrounding Chicago's sweet central park. Wendi tells me that she will be an architect when she grows up and next time I visit, the Maggie Daley Park which Wendi has been motoring weekly from her bedroom window will be ready as our next backdrop for photos! on the other hand,  Rudi just hugs me and does high kicks every 2-3 minutes. I seriously love hanging out with these two. I can't say enough how much I value my small clients and their parents for having me chronicle their days as little people in this big city.

rudi & wendi, stay just like you are, even when you get taller. you two are some of the most vibrant and brilliant young peeps & I love ya.


rose photo