tyler turns 30, CHInanigans style!

some people plan 4 day parties for weddings, for graduations and other momentous occasions of life. but these boys do it right and throw down for for 30!! after moving from Austin to Chicago last summer, my awesome client invited his nearest and dearest from all over the country to visit our fine city of Chicago. we started our traipse about the city via trolley tour, then hit the decks on our own chartered yacht. seriously, these boys throw some epic parties!! it was so wonderful to meet all Tyler's sweet people, his mother and auntie, his brothers, cousins and a fabulous crew of friends.

Tyler, I said before and I'll say it again; if this is how you celebrate 30, I cannot wait for 40, 50 and beyond!!  thank you so much for including the rose photo lens in your CHInanigans. cannot wait for more reasons to celebrate with your amazing pack of pals!!


rose photo