shaiana & micah wed at Bahá'í House of Worship

though I've driven by this most beautiful architecture gem many times, I'd not known much about the Bahá'í Temple or the faith until preparing for this wedding ceremony. aside from the stunning visuals, the bride, groom and their guests where some of the most wonderfully spirited and kind people I've had the pleasure to work amongst.  the intention of the Bahá'í faith is to be welcoming to all faiths and religions that unify humanity and live as one united family in a just, global society.  my job as a photographer extends beyond my gear, editing work flow and blogging and often times has me reflecting as a sociologist....with a camera!

friends and family from all parts of the world visited Chicago last week for this awesome celebration of two fantastic people.  Shainna & Micah it has been such a pleasure getting to know you both and the Rose Photo lens is thrilled to have captured a chapter of your story.         to many more beautiful celebrations and great friends!


rose photo