kate & alex at the TIP TOP TAP

as a child, anytime I was taken into the city to stroll Michigan Ave, visit museums, people watch and enjoy our fine city of Chicago, I would always find the building with the sign that read Tip Top Tap and wonder just what existed all the way up there. later as an adult, I ventured to the lobby of the Allerton Hotel to see just what the Tip Top Tap might look like to this 30 something year old gal and asked which elevator could take me there.  the concierge politely told me that the Tip Top Tap no longer exists and hadn't for years. this prompted a small research project and certainly after finding out the amazing history of what previously existed there, I decided I MUST SEE THIS PLACE; even if the era had passed, the place was still there. 

shortly thereafter,  Rose Photo began booking more gorgeous gems in the heart of Chicago's Magnificent Mile.  I was thrilled to pieces when Kate found me and asked if we could document her big day, right there on the Tip Top Tap.  as it turns out, the 23rd floor of the hotel does still exist but currently hosts only private events and weddings. boy oh boy was this the best news I'd heard in a while. so I jumped at the occasion and this past weekend's wedding had me gushing over the view, the decor, the history, and the sign...that sign!! the amount of history and story that have been made on that 23rd floor is incredible and I have to say there isn't a better job I can imagine for myself.

kate & alex, you have no idea how excited I was and continue to be about your nuptials!! the night was so magical with your love and wonderful family all around such an amazing location, with such rich history. I truly cannot wait to get all of the imagery in order for you and create many more volumes of your history with the Rose Photo lens. have a wonderful trip and we will see you when you return, city-side!!


rose photo