all of the fun!!!!

not even kidding about these awesome kiddos. we had all the fun on this shoot!! I've been with this brood for almost 5 years now and each time I pay a visit, they make me laugh all the harder. we played and played and played around the Christmas tree until we were too tired; half of us went for snacks and the other half went for a nap! the lovely natural light of the room, the amazing energy of these kiddos and all the fun of doing my job makes it so hard to say good bye when leaving my lifestyle shoots. I can't say it enough...I LOVE MY JOB! often times the administrative stuffs and the whole being a boss thing is less than ideal for this fun loving, artistic, big kid with a camera. but it all rounds out to be one fantastic profession; and during the time of year where family is everything, it fills me with all sorts of gushy, mushy love to be surrounded by all these amazing families with their crazy, fun love!

dearest trio of giggles, you are all three SO much fun. I cannot wait to see you all again next year. keep bouncing off your mama's walls and save me some chocolate chips !!


rose photo