holiday cable knits anyone?

these two are all about the holiday cheer! one of many in home sessions for rose photo this season, brothers b + l did an amazing job helping me create timeless, photographic memories. one of my favorite things about winter- I think I have one other thing I like about it but that includes whiskey and hot tea! I do so love the cable knit sweater; especially when worn by tiny humans called kiddos. melt. my heart!! certainly though,  I have to give props to our wardrobe department on every shoot, she is most notably called Mom! my clients are so great to entrust their family, heirloom photos with my studio but just as great is there dedication to styling the shoot. often times I'll chat on the phone with Mom a few times before our session to make sure the look is just perfect and share emails of inspire from recent shopping trips to secure the best boat neck sweater to match the tiny cable knits of the kiddos. once again, Mom, you nailed it!!    I love this lil set of sweaters and sweetness.

boys, you did great!  Mom + Dad,  so did you!! looking forward to more fantastic photo shoots in 2015. keep up the goofy giggles!


rose photo